Why Call a Professional?

An experienced professional will provide the skills necessary to conduct a successful estate sale, one that insures the optimum value is realized for the contents of the estate, and as much is sold as can be. This person should be able to:

  • accurately appraise and price each item
  • know how to display items for optimum viewing
  • deal with and work efficiently with potential buyers and visitors to the sale
animal-themed pottery

Vintage pottery planters, more animals than you can imagine.

In addition, the need to liquidate a household is often held at a highly stressful time for an individual or family, and it’s sometimes best left to someone who isn’t emotionally involved in the need for the sale. Also because of this, it’s important to find someone who is sensitive to the situation and responsive to the needs of those involved, and who treats the materials being sold with dignity and respect.

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