J.D. Llama Estate Sales

I feel that to be in the estate sale business you must have a natural desire to work with people and to be dedicated to understanding each person and to be sensitive to their needs.

hand mirrors

At J. D. Llama Estate Sales, I know that anyone who is faced with the decisions on how to deal with the estate of their family, friends or relatives has a very challenging road ahead of them. Although the process seems pretty straightforward, this is a very sad and stressful time for many people and may be laden with emotion,, logistical challenges and deadlines. Most often they may not know where to go for advice or even how to get started.

Many things that I have done have led me to this career. I love to work with people and I have a great appreciation and respect for the items that they have collected and loved. Visit me here for my resume, my credentials and my lifetime love of collecting antiques.


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