Successful Planning

A professional estate sale service will have all the tools necessary for:

  • planning
  • promotion
  • set-up
  • staffing
  • conducting the sale
  • assistance to disburse the unsold items if needed

The process begins with a free consultation with the homeowner, family or executor. Once the items for sale have been determined, the professional will be able to research the values, to assure the item’s authenticity and make sure the best price is attached to it. This often helps to sell higher-priced items because the value has been determined by a professional and can be documented. At this point, you never know what hidden treasures you’ll find!

oriental influence lamps

Next the professional sorts, organizes and tags the items and actually sets up the sale. When you think about browsing through a store, you know every item has been very carefully displayed to catch your attention. Because your professional has experience in setting up estate sales, they will know the nature of the customers who attend these events. The professional estate sale should be displayed so that everything can be easily seen by customers, even if they are just walking through.

When the doors open on sale day and the line of  visitors are allowed to enter, hopefully they are able and excited to find the items they have been searching for. Our goal is to end their search in success while assuring that you get the right price for your items.

After the sale the clean up process that has been selected by the client begins.  The owner may have chosen complete responsibility for this or may require assistance.   This may include acquiring the contacts to assist in the removal of the remaining items as well a list of the local charity groups who may provide pickup services.  Some may also depend on the liquidator to completely handle this process.


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